Why Rich People Have Cyberbullying Insurance

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Worried about cyberbullying? You might need Cyberbullying Insurance Global from insurance giant Chubb. The clever company has just announced that rich clients across the UK and Ireland can get their online reps protected for a small premium.

The insurance company says that it’s ready to pay out as much as £50,000 ($74,600) to help their customers in the event of a cyberbullying emergency. As part of the deal, Chubb will get you PR pros to help rebuild your reputation while cyber-security professionals will help you get ready for court. That’s not to mention the lost income from not going to school or work.

“The intention is to cover any related costs that may occur as a result of cyberbullying,” said Tara Parchment, a client manager at Chubb.

The catch is that you can only get the policy if you’ve got their most expensive home insurance package and then the cyberbullying policy is still an extra £2,500 ($3,730) per year.