The Royal Family’s Biggest Failure?

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James Middleton is sick and tired of being called a failure. In his mind, he is a marshmallow tycoon and he is sure that you’ll see him that way too, very soon.

‘As a businessman I am reported as a constant failure – and it’s exhausting,’ the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother said. ‘How can you judge whether someone is a failure? I just do not feel it has been reported fairly or honestly.’

The 28-year-old little brother of Kate Middleton lost a whopping £243,000 ($361,912) last year and two of his companies shut down.

‘I can take flak about my beard or from someone not liking what I do. But when I have employees who read something in the gossip columns that is hurtful to them I become passionate. I want them to have confidence and feel safe and secure in their job.’


‘This is my third company. I had the Cake Kit Company and then Nice Cakes. But they did not fail,’ says James Middleton. ‘When you first go into a job, you start at the bottom and work your way up – you learn.

‘With the Cake Kit Company, I had difficulty scaling it up. I learnt from that and applied the lessons at Nice Cakes. Then you find other issues. You can’t fit a cake through a letterbox, cakes are fragile and so on. So that developed into marshmallows.’

‘So those companies shut down, but I shut them down myself and did so with my head held high. I learnt so much from them. That is important. This company has taken off.’