Prison Sued for Running Out of Waffles

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Love waffles? Then you might understand the plight of Grand Rapids, MI murderer Iatonda Taylor. The 44-year-old who killed his brother back in May 2006 has filed a federal lawsuit against Aramark, the big house’s food-service provider.

According to Taylor, the terrible food and specifically the lack of waffles at Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility put the whole place in danger of a riot and nutritional deficiencies. On May 2, when the prison ran out of waffles and served plain old PB&J sandwiches, prisoners become dangerously agitated.

“Plaintiff alleges only one occasion on which the food substitutions caused prisoners to become obstreperous. On that occasion, prison guards were available and were fully able to calm the situation by handcuffing a few agitators before anything more than angry comments were made,” the judge said.

“While the situation may have been tense, Plaintiff fails to allege facts supporting his claim that he reasonably remains at substantial risk of serious injury from last-minute food substitutions.”